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Founded in 1997, AGS is not only the original service dog training organization of Texas A&M, but the first one of its kind in the country. 

The main goals of AGS are to train puppies to become service dogs, fundraise for these service dogs, and educate the public about service dogs. With the help of Puppy Raisers, puppies learn how to obey and behave in public places, as well as commands unique to service dogs. 

We do not directly place our dogs, but donate them to nationally recognized organizations upon completion of their phase 1 training where they complete their phase two training and are placed with their forever partner. We primarily train mobility assistance and PTSD dogs.

Trainer teams on an outing to Lowe's in 2019

Raiser teams on an outing with Transportation Services to practice riding in AggieSpirit buses in 2023

Who We Are

AGS membership is open to all Texas A&M University students and faculty as well as residents of the Bryan/College Station community. To be an officer, trainer, or sitter, members must be a current student at Texas A&M University 

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