Current Dogs

Daisy Ghost

In the elegance of moonlight a specter may appear, but do not be frightened because Daisy is near. Graceful in motion, she appears once a year. Consider yourself lucky if she greets you before she disappears.

Check out more of Daisy's adventures on Instagram @my.golden.daisy.doo

Cane Ghost

If you’re lost in the woods and you hear a faint sound it could be the ghost of Cane lurking around. With a howl in the darkness and crunch of the leaves you just might see his shadow following with ease.

Check out more of Cane's adventures on Instagram @raising.aggie.cane

Georgie Ghost

During the chaos of night Georgie’s spirit will linger. Mischievous and playful he might lick your fingers. Known as the phantom of cuteness, the prince of the pumpkins. He is the most perfect boy, cute as a button.

Check out more of Georgie's learning and adventures on Instagram @_itscuriousgeorgie_

Pearl Ghost

When engulfed in fear you just might be in luck because the ghost of Pearl can help when life gets tough. She’ll give you a kiss to make you feel bliss. There’s no need to hide when Pearls by your side!

Check out more of Pearls adventures on Instagram @_my.precious.pearl_

Bond Ghost

Watch your back and your snacks when the ghost of bond is running along. Without batting an eye he’ll steal your fries and disappear as if he was never near.

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